Adult Group Class - Let’s become healthier and level up TOGETHER!

We offer larger group training programs that make long term health and durability a priority. Feeling good, having more energy, being able to play with friends and family are all a byproduct!

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Are you looking to build your office morale?

Large group training is a phenomenal outlet for corporate wellness. The best ROI for business owners is healthy, positive and motivated employees. Large group training is a great way to build morale, decrease sick days and provide a positive bonding experience for your staff. When you value your health, so do your employees and productivity will reflect it. This is sweat equity.

Parents, it is time to decompress and take some time for yourself.

Sweat together with a group of your friends so you can get out of the house and take a breather from the kids. Make social hour a fitness hour so you can release some stress of being an uber driver. Learn how to become healthier and give some well-earned time to yourself.