Youth Athletic Development Class

Learn what it takes for athletes to go from good to great. Your athlete will become stronger, faster and jump higher as a bi-product of smart strength and conditioning training that keeps them SAFE.

Schedule (subject to change)


According to the NCAA the most common injuries seen in volleyball are ligament sprains and muscle strains (soft tissue). This strength program is designed with durability as the number one priority.

Get a taste of what it is like and what it takes to become an elite level athlete. From understanding when to hit the gas and when to recover to learning the proper techniques that will keep them safe and perform at the top of their game.

Athletic skill acquisition for things like top end speed, change of direction, strength, motor control and vertical leap are built over time with principles of progression and adaptation to physical demand.

Too much too soon or inconsistency can lead to injury. We want every athlete we work with to be successful and have the opportunity to put the work in that is necessary to see results.

We recommend that an athlete dedicate 1 hour twice a week to this program at a minimum of 8 weeks to give their body enough time to adapt and get MEASURABLE RESULTS. This program will build your child’s body to handle their sport and will complement the skills training on the court, field or track.