The Patient Experience: What You Can Expect Working with Kinetic Impact

Curious to learn more about what to expect when working with us? Here you will hear it straight from the source! Kim shares her experience working with us along her recovery process.

September 4, 2019

Kim Coutts, Kinetic Impact Patient

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"My pain got the point it was impacting my ability to stay active..."

My lower back had been hurting off and on for more than year. I had seen my doctor who prescribed two weeks’ worth of muscle relaxers and a chiropractor who adjusted my spine on four occasions with no change in my condition. My pain got the point it was impacting my ability to stay active and my sleep so I asked my spin instructor for a recommendation and she enthusiastically suggested I see the doctors at Kinetic.

As they are doctors of chiropractic I expected the same kind of care I received from previous chiropractor visits – an initial consultation followed by an 8-10-minute appointment focused on using some kind of force to crack my back and align my spine.  Fortunately for me – and anyone else that’s in pain – the doctors at Kinetic Impact take an entirely different, more holistic approach to healing and future injury prevention.

My first visit started with an in-depth conversation on my condition, health history and lifestyle. Then I was asked to recreate the exact motions that were causing me pain during my workouts. The doctors watched the way I moved, identified the exact point of breakdown and suggested adjustments and modifications. Then had me to a set of take-home exercises that would strengthen the muscles around the affected area.

After the “hard work” the doctors stretched the muscles and fascia around and connecting to my injured areas and then did a cupping session while I was stretching in and out of child’s pose.

"I left that first appointment experiencing an immediate reduction in pain and increase in mobility."

The result? I left that first appointment experiencing an immediate reduction in pain and increase in mobility. I also had a set of exercises focused on safely strengthening the area and modifications for my gym routine that ensured the injury wouldn’t quickly return.

In my subsequent appointments I learned that Dr. DeLuca and Dr. Mull focus customize their patient treatment plans with a mix of physiotherapy and chiropractic techniques to heal injuries faster and optimize long-term health and performance. The experience is entirely different from any care I’ve received in the past and I would definitely recommend it for anyone in pain that wants to find effective long-term relief.

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